Samagaun Development Foundation - 30/4/2015 Appeal For Donations For Earthquake Victims

About Sama Village
Samagaun is a northern Nepal village, located in the extreme north parts of the close-to-Tibet Nubri Valley, one of the most isolated areas in the Himalayan border region. Though maintaining as one of the biggest human communities of the latter – it counts about 150 houses, for more than 500 inhabitants –, Sama proves to be one of the poorest. What is more, the natural location of the village results in a cruel marginality: too high to benefit from easy access to city, too low to be a priority of government.
What is the current situation in Sama?
On the 25th of April 2015, Sama was hit by the terrible earthquake from which the country is condemned to suffer for many years. The day and time of the disaster enabling its people to avoid death or severe injury, they could not prevent their houses from being seriously damaged. We have recorded as a matter of fact that at least 30 of them find themselves in that case, raising a major issue why we want to sound the alarm and mobilize for: homelessness. Of course, many other buildings, secondary or animals habitations have been hit. But they are not comprised in the priority step of this call for help for the reconstruction of Sama.

Out of those 30 most-impacted houses, including the school:

 - 19 are to be totally rebuilt;
 - 11 are to be partially reconstructed or reinforced.
Why is this concern such a vital emergency?
✓ Because the poverty of concerned villagers, inspite of natural solidarity endeavors, creates a vicious circle that could let the situation rapidly aggravate.
✓ Because the evoked village marginality could have terrible consequences. Indeed, Sama finds itself in an in-between area and altitude: less reachable than many villages below, but yet much more violently hit by the disaster than upper communities. Two consequences so far: we know for a fact that the road from Kathmandu to the village is impracticable, making any rescue impossible apart via airway – i.e. helicopter. What is more, it is very likely this marginality will reduce governmental help to virtually nothing.
✓ Because it is our responsibility to prevent the village from cumulated damages. And we know that after earthquake, nature will hit soon anew through the monsoon, making the current camp installations definitely temporary and extremely hazardous.
For all these reasons, time is flying tragically quickly for Sama people. And for those reasons, not only should we be aware that the situation is critical, but also that it is likely to worsen in the upcoming days.
How can you help Sama inhabitants?
Concretely, many workers are about to arrive in Sama for rebuilding the houses. Adding to a great part of the village`s inhabitants themselves, among which one finds a lot of specialized people – that have obviously already started the rehabilitation of the houses. Given the roads designed to transport materials are not practicable, the adopted solution is to use the stones present in the village and in its surroundings.

 You could play the major role of this reconstruction movement by helping those people – inhabitants and workers from outside – financially. It is nonetheless extremely uneasy to gauge the exact amount needed for all the constrained expenses to come: food, daily salaries, material… Not to forget that the earthquake may have had latent physical impact that may manifest later, nor that we cannot better measure the impact on farming today. But we globally estimate the village’s needs at about 20 000 US dollars. It is thus up to you to decide how much you are able and desire to give.
For those who receive twice this document please note that you may either give to the following “Samagaun Development Foundation”, or to Khenpo Pasang, knowing that they are two ways of providing the same help. Your donation will eventually be sent to a unique account: “HELPING SAMA HOMELESS”.
Since five years, the Samagaun Development Foundation, founded by his current chairman and Head of Sama Village Lama Jigme, aims at gaining better clarity and greater dynamism in his mission of improving the living conditions of the villagers and empowering them. You may help the villagers by transferring money to the Foundation, from your bank in your country. Here are the account details:
Bank account A/c: 3201017500076
Swift Code: NARBNPKA
Bank Name: Nabil Bank Ltd
Address: Halchowk Branch
P.O. Box: 3729, Ward No. 15,
Halchowk, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 01-4033553/54
NB: we apologize for the absence of current pictures, due to communication problems, that could help you to be perfectly aware of the situation. We are doing our best to send you some as soon as possible. On the other hand, we are working to propose you a much easier way of helping the villagers by transferring money.

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