Women's Society

Another of our initiative to empower the local community, we turn our attention to the women. We believe that empowering the women in the community is one of the most effective agents for a real change in community development.
Therefore, to make it happen, we have invited 9 married women, from between the age of 28 to 50 years old, to be in our Women’s Society. These women come from different backgrounds – some are in good marital relationships while some have various problems with their husbands. Because of the formation of this group, the women can support one another, and even come together to provide support for other women in similar situations of ‘problematic’ husbands. Unfortunately, some of the men in the village are addicted to gambling or alcohol, and these creates many problems to the family and marital life. Therefore, this society’s objective is to be a self-help group to the local community, especially for women.

Besides providing counselling, there are other things the women will do as well – they will also take charge in organizing the regular clean-ups in the village, promoting the benefits of vaccination to the mothers and giving talks on various topics to the other women. Regular trainings are given to these women in the society, in the area of environmental protection, hygiene and health. This will better equip them with the knowledge, which they will in turn pass on to the community. It is our wish that this model of self-help group will eventually expand and spread to the other regions, to the whole of Nubri. So let’s wish these ladies all the best!
Top: A woman sharing her knowledge on basic healthcare to other women.

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