Welcome our Construction Committee!

The construction of a new, bigger clinic may have been slow, but it definitely is underway.
A construction committee, consisting of local villagers, has been formed. They will be the ones who will make the arrangement in all aspects of the task, from collection and purchase of wood and stones (which are located far from the village) to performing and overseeing the entire construction. This is our strategy to involve the local community in development and giving them an opportunity of income generation. We do not believe in simply providing handouts. We do not want the people to develop a mindset that everything will be provided for free. We want to empower them to take charge of their life and take responsibility in the development of their own community. Currently, the committee is still in the phase of material collection of wood and stones. The actual building work will commence once sufficient materials are gathered.

While we eagerly wait for the new clinic, which will have facilities for both Tibetan and Western medicine, to be completed, the smaller existing clinic for the estern medicine section, managed by our two capable nurses, will temporarily serve its function.

Topmost: The two nurses (in white and blue) for Sama Gaun.
Top: Medical record of the patients.

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